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May 28, 2017
Steve's story: British Bodybuilding Championship Finalist thanks to Chiropractic
Steve’s story: British Bodybuilding Championship finalist thanks to Chiropractic
June 7, 2017

Quick break meditation from The Lovely Catalyst

Last Thursday we had the wonderful Elena Consoli from The Lovely Catalyst in the office giving a workshop on mindfulness and meditation.

We had a great group of our lovely clients and all left feeling so calm and zen! We were so ‘in the moment’ (which is exactly what we wanted!) we forgot to take photos to share but took lots of notes and take aways.

Our biggest take away was recognising that we can all find time. Time for ourselves, time in our busy lives just to breathe, reset and focus on slowing the mind. Elena guided us through several meditations and has put together a short and simple guided meditation to share with everyone.

Click on the link below and take 6 minutes for yourself today!

Quick break meditation