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June 1, 2017
Chiropractic... the BIG picture!
Chiropractic… the BIG picture! Health talk at King Chiropractic
June 13, 2017

Steve’s story: British Bodybuilding Championship finalist thanks to Chiropractic

Steve's story: British Bodybuilding Championship Finalist thanks to Chiropractic

Steve shares his experience of how he went from two surgeries and being unable to train, to becoming a competitive bodybuilder, qualifying for the British Championship Finals -with the help of King Chiropractic.

“I originally injured my back at work with repeated heavy lifting and visited an Osteopath.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any success with them and after living in pain for 2 years, I ended up having surgery to correct the problem but I was never really 100% again.  I used to be a boxer in my youth so joined a gym post surgery to try and get myself back in a resemblance of shape and it was then that I fell into bodybuilding.

I trained regularly but was always hampered by my back problem (I have to admit I ignored all the warning signs like men do) until it finally gave out again which resulted in a 2nd surgery some 7 years after the 1st.  Post surgery, my surgeon said (amongst other things) that “It was touch and go for a while, the damage was very severe, the nerves were stuck to bone – I strongly advise you never train again the way you have been because your back will be unable to take it…”  By training through the pain and taking painkillers to get through my workouts, part of my prolapsed disc had torn away and actually rubbed against the casing that protects the spinal cord to the point that the cord itself had become exposed. Damage to the cord itself meant only one thing (paralysis) so I had been extremely fortunate.

So taking the surgeon’s advice seriously, I was back in light training within 4 months and back in full training within 6 months. The 2nd operation was more of a success and although I still had problems (which I masked with painkillers),

I was doing ok but 6 years later things got very bad again with repeated spasms, very restricted   mobility and severe sciatic nerve pain down my right leg.

I tried to ignore it (or mask the issue with painkillers as I had before) but I knew that was never going to be a smart solution.  So, at one of my client’s advice, I decided to try a Chiropractor which resulted in me meeting with Dr Don Murray at King Chiropractic.

Dr Murray listened to my history, didn’t judge me on my stupidity, examined me extensively and came up with a plan of treatment that he said “made him confident he could get me back in the gym again”. I  never expected him to say that but I was intrigued so I followed his plan of treatment as advised.

Within a month, my symptoms had gotten noticeably better.  I was back in the gym and not needing anywhere near as much pain relief.  Within 3 months I was actually almost pain free, not needing any painkillers at all and training with as much intensity as I ever had; I was able to perform squats, deadlifts and other power movements that the surgeon said I would never be able to perform again.  With continued treatment I became totally pain free and with Dr Murray behind me, I was able to realise my dream of becoming a competitive bodybuilder, qualifying for the British Championship Finals at my very first attempt.

I am in no doubt that without the utter genius of Dr Don Murray, I would not be able to train at all, let alone keep up with people in the gym who are 20 years my junior (I am now aged 45).   Dr Murray also treated my wife when she was expecting our 1st child (she started suffering with sciatica but Dr Murray cured that) and I have also trusted him to examine my son’s spine from 3 months of age (my son is now 2).  I have referred multiple people to Dr Murray and each one speaks as highly of his  services as I do.  For me and my family, Dr Murray is a master of his trade and he has, without a doubt, given me my life back. For that, I will always be indebted to him.”

– Steve, British Bodybuilding Championship Finalist

- Steve, British bodybuilding championship finalist