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May 8, 2017
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June 1, 2017

The 3 T’s. Making the right decisions for your body, health and wellbeing.

In an ever-changing world that is moving towards new ideas of health and wellbeing, at times it can be overwhelming to know what is the best for your body. So many claim ‘this is the new and best thing’, but these may not always be sustainable.

According to Goldman Sachs, the millennial generation, which is set to make up 75% or the workforce by 2025, is more engaged and willing to invest in daily wellness than previous generations.

In Chiropractic we have a simple way of addressing aspects that can negatively stress your body and nervous system, which ultimately over time leads to dysfunction. These are broken down into three categories, The 3 T’s.

The 3 T’s cover: Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts.



This can also be understood as physical stress.

It is clear that a car accident, fall or sporting injury would cause physical harm to your nervous system and body. However, more and more research is demonstrating how stressful it can be for your body to sit all day in front of a desk. Moving every 20 minutes is optimum. Carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder and loading your body unevenly is also a physical stress and can in the long run be just as detrimental on your body.



Toxic stress is likened to chemical stress.

This covers chemicals that are not processed well and sometimes even foreign to the body; medication, alcohol, smoking, pollution, processed foods, preservatives and stabilizers in certain foods plus chemicals in cleaning products. It’s important to understand that this is in recommendation to ‘all in moderation’. Consuming and interacting with these daily would be a detriment to your body, but once in a while would still allow your body to adapt and process those chemicals efficiently.



Emotional stress daily, whether from our work, home life, commute, worries and anxieties in abundance send subconscious signals that reach the following key areas of the brain: the hippocampus (the center for learning), the amygdala (the stress and anxiety center), and the hypothalamus (the neuroendocrine control center which initiates a cascade of events preparing us for fight of flight).

When our brain senses harm, either from a traumatic injury, stressful thought or exposure to a toxin, it shifts into protection mode – the fight-or-flight response. The brain notes the body’s level of harm and determines whether we should be in fight-or-flight mode or if we have the “all clear” and can invest energy in growth and repair.

Our entire body is hardwired neurologically to respond to these signals one way or another. We cannot be both in growth and protection mode at the same time.

Being aware of these categories, and what you can do to reduce the stress and strain on your body, can make it easier to choose better decisions for your overall health and wellbeing.

Chiropractic reduces stress on the nervous system thereby maximising how you adapt to varying situations and stresses. It makes sense, if you want to be as healthy as possible, to have a body that can be as responsive and adaptable as possible.

Chiropractic – naturally right!