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Most people consult King Chiropractic when they have become physically out of balance causing symptoms that interfere in their ability to perform or enjoy life. Others visit us to ensure their spine is in good condition and have Chiropractic adjustments to keep it that way, much like Dental check-ups. Trying to balance the demands of a high-performance business environment and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the usual challenge presented to us.

At King Chiropractic we assess your situation in the context of your personal demands and map out a path to achieve and maintain your health goals. For example, you may consult us due to headaches, spine or leg pain. Firstly, we need to understand what is stressing your body and causing you to not function correctly. Secondly, we correct the dysfunction with Chiropractic adjustments. Thirdly, we create a strategy that you can follow to stop the problem from reoccurring and most importantly allow you to stay healthy and vital.

Our Chiropractors deal with getting you well and keeping you well. The goal of full recovery is to have a spine and body that functions and can cope with daily stresses. At King Chiropractic we have dedicated Chiropractors to achieve the best results possible, please read their stories and find the Doctor which is best for you.

Don Murray

Don graduated from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in the USA in 1988. A native of New Zealand, Don returned home and over the next nine years developed a busy successful family based practice.

Deciding they wanted to travel Europe, Don and his wife Jo relocated while their three children had no option but to follow. For the last nineteen  years Don and his family have been based in Europe and involved in maintaining the first chiropractic office in Oman in the Middle East.

Don has over twenty five years experience involving taking care of families and newborn babies, being team chiropractor for professional sports teams, an on-site hospital chiropractor and an industrial consultant. He is as passionate and excited about what he does today as he was when he first graduated.

Walking the talk is vital and so Don enjoys being active by working out at the gym, mountain biking and quad biking. Having developed a certification program for personal trainers and fitness instructors, exercise and activity play an important role in patient management.

Don is thrilled to be located in the vibrant city center and able to keep those working in the area performing at their best!

Doctor of Chiropractic

  • General Chiropractic Council Registration 00648
  • Scottish Chiropractic Association
  • New Zealand Chiropractors Association

Matt Murray

Matt graduated from McTimoney College of Chiropractic and having grown-up with Chiropractic from birth it was always a big part of life and something he felt strongly about continuing.

For Matt the decision to study Chiropractic was easy, as he has experienced first hand the benefits of regular chiropractic care to general well-being and athletic performance.

Having an active lifestyle is paramount to Matt and whether it be kayaking, mountain biking, quad biking or weight lifting (to name a few), the chiropractic adjustment helps make sure that he can perform at his optimum.

Matt is extremely excited to help others realise their potential through Chiropractic!

Doctor of Chiropractic

  • General Chiropractic Council Registration 04645
  • United Chiropractic Association

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