Chiropractic for Corporates

Having our Chiropractic practice in The City naturally attracts patients working in the area. We understand the huge mental and physical stresses that employees and employers face on a daily basis working in the competitive London market. Our aim at King Chiropractic is to not only help individual patients but also assist companies to reach staff satisfaction and optimal health. Back pain, neck pain and headaches are recognised as the leading cause of absenteeism in the workplace, resulting in huge costs to companies from staff unable to work.

Our aim is to work in partnership with your company to reduce absenteeism, improve staff productivity and empower staff to take preventative and proactive measures to protect their spine and nervous system.
Please contact us to discuss your individual workplace requirements or have a look at the following services we provide.

Group Spinal Health Talks

This involves a Doctor of Chiropractic to attend your company and give a talk on back care to employees including highlights such as: a concise summary of the spine and why it is imperative to protect it, correct posture while sitting at a desk, correct ergonomics and placement of table, chair, phone and computer, why it’s important to take breaks. Questions from staff are welcome and a detailed information leaflet is provided.


One-on-one Spinal Health Talks

Sometimes staff require individual and detailed guidance to help with their spinal health in the workplace. This involves a Doctor of Chiropractic attending your company and analysing the ergonomics of your office and how this affects your employees. The Chiropractor will first look at your office as a whole and then write a report on what needs to be changed to make your office more effective, safe and suitable for staff. Then the Chiropractor will individually speak to your staff asking them questions about their back health and then giving advice on the correct way to enhance back health.


Onsite Chiropractic services

We understand that time is of the essence in the demanding world of business, but we also appreciate how imperative good back health is to getting the job done. Many companies are now seeing the health benefits of having their staff adjusted and are incorporating Chiropractors into their onsite health offices. Please contact us to discuss having one of our Chiropractors attend your office on a weekly basis to adjust employees.


Company HR departments

If you are the head of your company HR department please do not hesitate to contact us if you require advice and training on how to best pro actively look after the back health of employees. Chiropractors have a wealth of knowledge on both preventative back pain and also correct ergonomics in the workplace.


Company intranet

Do you have a Chiropractor on your company intranet? At King Chiropractic we offer employees of companies that find us on their intranet a discount for their initial visit.

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